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The south side of Maui is usually sunny, dry, and warm, year round. It rains mostly on the eastern and northern sides of the island. The western side of the island is slightly wetter, with more wind than the south, particularly during the winter.
Many of the beaches recommended by Wedding Planners are sheltered so rain and wind are not a big concern. However, in the case of an unlikely rain-out, you may want to have a backup location in mind.
Maui Trade Winds are almost always calm in the morning hours. They keep Maui's temperature very moderate, not too humid, not too hot. The Trade Winds blow from the northeast typically at about 5-15 miles per hour.
Kona Winds move in the opposite direction of the trade winds. They usually indicate bad weather is soon to arrive. Locals are so tuned in to their environment they can usually smell or feel the changes brought by Kona Winds.
Tsunami warning sirens are tested on the first Monday of each month at noon.
The last tsunami to hit Maui was in 1946. Maui has elaborate tsunami emergency evacuation plans which can be found in the phone book. Should the tsunami siren blow at some other time than noon on the first Monday of the month, immediately get to a radio or television for information.
Average Temperature: Winter  -- 71 degrees, Summer  -- 79 degrees
Lowest Recorded Temperature:
Kahului -- 48 degrees
Haleakala -- 14 degrees
Kihei – 49 degrees
Hana – 50 degrees
Lahaina – 52 degrees
Highest Recorded Temperature:
Kahului Airport -- 96 degrees
Kihei -- 98 degrees
Lahaina – 93 degrees
Hana – 90 degrees
Kihei/Wailea -- 12 inches per year (most during the winter)
Hana -- 90 inches per year
Mountain areas -- may get over 300 inches per year
Weather  forecast:  808-877-5111 / Surf conditions:  808-877-3477


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